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Embroidery Kawung Pillowcase

Embroidery Kawung Pillowcase

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Product Knowledge : This Embroidery Pillowcase measures 40x40 cm with embroidered designs on the front and with curtain material on the back. Why Kawung? Because Kawung is a batik pattern and we’re presenting it as our culture identity.

Narrative or Story telling about the product : We produce pillowcases with a manual embroidery system. What is meant by manual embroidery is the work of embroidering using an embroidery machine and done personally, so that the resulting product will be different and not the same from one another, if there is a special request we can make it.

Product Materials : Cotton Material, Curtain Material, and Embroidery Thread

Bruto : 200gr

Net Weight : 160gr

Product Dimension : 40 cm x 40 cm

Colour : Broken White