Bon Chili

Bon Chili

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Inspired by the Asian Sambal, BonChili is a blend of spicy chili with shallot, garlic, sugar, salt and other spices

BonChili Level 10 Original is the perfect balance between zesty spiciness of quality dried Chili enhanced with a blend of herbs and spices. It is great for transforming any food info a spicy treat. Simply sprinkle a small amount and enjoy!

BonChili Level 15 Original was created for those who are craving for intense level of spiciness. The spiciest varieties of Chili are carefully chosen to ensure every sprinkle delivers the promised intense heat. Sprinkle only a small amount as BonChili Level 15 Original Extra Hot is very, very spicy!

BonChili Level 30 Original Flavor with Super Extra Hot. Eager to get one of the spiciest food in the world? Then try this! This outrageously spicy BonChili Level 30 is not for the weak. Made from the spiciest varieties of Chili, this ends the quest for the extreme. Add tiny sprinkle at a time and mix well through food before eat. You have been warned!

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