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Ayam Kapitan seasoning

Ayam Kapitan seasoning

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This variant is made from yellow seasoning with other flavorful spices. Made from various kinds of local spices and salt, and mashed Together. This spices is commonly used as Spices of chicken, tofu, or tempeh with savory Flavor and a sharp aroma of turmeric.

Ingredients: spices, natural sugar, sea salt, coconut oil, turmeric, galangal

By Used

• Cooking & Mixing

• Sauce & Curries

• Rubs & Marinades


By Ingredient

• Rice/Noodles

• Beef/Chicken

• Fish/Seafood

• Tempeh/Tofu

• Vegetables


By Recipe

• Curry

• For Oriental cooking like acar kuning

• Pepesan

• or traditional Java like Bacem