1. What is its product features?

  • Micro-sized fibre with dominantly cellulose content above 60%
  • Containing fibrillated cellulose for easy blending and processing
  • Low density

2. How much is manufacturing scale?
Current process and manufacturing design in LIPI can produce up to 50 kg MFC/ days (office hours). Max capacity (3 shifts) 3.75 tonnes per mth.

Note: Future manufacturing scale (* in Sulawesi*) can be designed and set accordingly depending on the market demand. Its taken max. 6 mths to construct the processing facility.

3. What is the difference between your product and others?

  • Biomass waste derived material for eco-friendly and sustainable resources
  •  Competitive specific mechanical reinforcement
  •  competitive sales price

4. How much is minimum lot?
1-2.000 Kg.

5. How much is the price
Usd 59 exclude tax and FOB manufacture.