Rattan Bathroom Organizer Set by Riani Rattan

Rattan Bathroom Organizer Set by Riani Rattan

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Rattan Bathroom Organizer : Hampers Set

Infuse your bathroom with a hint of nature's grace. Elevate your space as you organize not only your amenities but also your laundry, adding a touch of serenity to your daily routine. Embrace the beauty of a well-styled bathroom that harmoniously blends functionality with the calming influence of nature.
Category : Serveware, Bin, Basket & Amentities

1). Round Laundry Bin with Lid and "cutout" Handles, Medium, Rattan, Qty : 1, Size : d40x50, Weight : 4.63 kg
2). Rectangular Shallower Shoe basket, No Handles, Rattan, Qty : 1, Size : 45x30x10, Weight : 1.47 kg
3). Square Handle Tray w/ "cutout" Handles, Rattan, Qty : 1, Size : 24x24x6, Weight : 0.56 kg
4). Rectangular Narrow Suncreen Basket, Rattan, Qty : 1, Size : 26x14x7, Weight : 0.45 kg
5). Rectangular Tall Tissue Box, Rattan, Qty : 1, Size : 25x14x10, Weight : 0.9 kg
6). Toothbrush Holder, Rattan, Qty : 1, Size : d8x9, Weight : 0.18 kg
7). Round Paper Bin, Rattan, Qty : 1, Size : d25x30, Weight : 1.46 kg

Box Size: 43 x 41 x 51 cm

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