Billiton Spice Black & White Pepper  ( Hampers )

Billiton Spice Black & White Pepper ( Hampers )

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Delivery to all cities in USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Australia, Middle East & Africa with term of condition ( Please WA +6281288121010 ( Indonesia local time ) for more info

Billiton Spice is in the business of plantation specifically peppercorn from the island of Billiton (Belitung), Bangka-Belitung Provinve, Indonesia. Started in 2015 with national market and we keep expanding since then as out products are of high quality and received very well in the national market.

Our Mission to promote Bangka-Belitung peppercorn as the best in the world (highest level of piperine) and to improve the prosperity of the local farmers. We also have participated in festival and exhibition in several countries such as Malaysia and Russia. And the reception was surprisingly well. .

  1. Black Pepper : 10 pcs
  2. White Pepper : 10 pcs


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